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Alpha Xi Delta's Social Calendar is always packed with different events! Each semester, we mix with various fraternities and sororities, as well as host date nights, crush parties, Semi-Formal in the fall, and our formal, the Killarney Ball, in the spring.

We have a blast coming up with fun outfits that fit the theme and getting ready with our sisters!

Atlanta Hawks Date Night

This semester, Alpha Xi Delta had a blast at our Atlanta Hawks date night! Sisters dressed up in their best jeans and red, white, and blue apparel to match the event’s theme of Jarty in the USA! After busing over to State Farm Arena, our sisters and their dates cheered on the Hawks as they played against the San Antonio Spurs. It was a memorable night for all, filled with great entertainment, lots of laughter, and good vibes only. Plus, there were plenty of soft pretzels, hotdogs, and yummy treats to go around as each sister and her date was given a $10 voucher to use at the arena’s concession stands!



Formal is one of the most fun nights of the year for Alpha Xi! Also known as the Killarney Ball, formal gives our sisters the opportunity to dress up, invite a date, and spend the night singing along to the DJ and tearing up the dance floor. Another fun event at formal is sister superlatives. Before the night, sisters vote on silly superlatives like Most Likely to be on Reality TV and Bring Home to Mom and Dad. At formal, the winners are announced and awarded a sash that they proudly wear the rest of the night!



My Tie 

My Tie is another one of Alpha Xi Delta’s favorite events! The concept is to set up your sister for the evening on a blind date by giving her her date’s tie in advance. When she shows up to the event, she finds out whose tie she’s wearing and who her date is! We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed the surprise-filled night with new friends.



Semi-Formal gives all of our members a chance to dress up, take pictures, and have a fun night away from the stresses of school. Whether we decide to bring dates or just have a fun night with your sisters, everyone can be seen laughing, dancing, and singing along to the band! Each year, the venue and band changes according to the votes from the chapter, so each Semi-Formal is unique.

80s in Aspen Senior Party

This year, Alpha Xi Delta celebrated our fabulous seniors with a themed senior party. Sisters each invited a date, and seniors invited two! Everyone dressed up in ski goggles and neon to match the 80s in Aspen theme. We had so much fun singing karaoke, playing pool, and dancing the night away to celebrate our seniors!